I am keenly interested in researching Multi-Agents Systems(MAS), especially in autonomous communication. While researching I want to exploit and enhance my creative, analytical and software development skills to make the Agent Technology a success.
Diplom Informatiker/Master of Computer Science (M.Sc.) TU. Berlin, Germany
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Panjab University, India
Work Experience
Since Apri 2004 Teaching Assistant and Researcher at Programming Research Group University of Tübingen, Germany
June 2003 - March 2004 Programmer at Chair for Computer Networks and Internet
  • Planning, realisation and management of network infrastructure
University of Tübingen, Germany
Mai 2001 - June 2002 Working Student in Department of Open Communication Systems
  • Diploma thesis: Conceptual-design and implementation of Integrated Naming-, Directory- and Specification-Service for distributed applications
  • Development of components in a middleware architecture
  • Development of 3D talking face for web applications with VRML
Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany
Jan. 2000 - April 2001 Working Student in Deparment of Knowledge based Engineering
  • Object oriented conception and implementation of Ontology Authoring Tool (OAT)
  • Realization with UML, Java, Visual Age and Rational Rose
  • Development of V.B. scripts for information exchange between different applications and OAT in self-defined XML format e.g. Rational Rose and Excel
Daimler AG, Berlin, Germany
Aug. 1999 - Dec. 1999 Working Student in Project Digital Dissertaions
  • Converting of Microsoft Word documents to SGML/XML
  • Development of intelligent XSL/XSLT scripts for automatic converting of documents to XML
Humboldt-University zu Berlin, Germany

2004 3GET: 3G Evolving Technologies
  • Modelling Charging and Accounting Architecture in 3G Networks
University of Tübingen, Germany
2004 Diadem Firewall: High-Speed Firewalling and Intrusion Detection
  • Analysing Policy Definition Languages
University of Tübingen, Germany
2000 Information Logistic
  • Modelling of an information logistic application with UML
  • Supervision of the modelling of other project team members
TU. Berlin, Germany
2002 Context aware Applications II
  • Development of an Application Definition Language similar to CORBA-IDL, TINA-ODL and management languages (SMI and GDMO) in XML
TU. Berlin, Germany

Oct. 1997 Diploma in Computer Science
Specialization in
  • Operating and Open Communication Systems
  • Databases and Information Systems
Technical University Berlin, Germany
1995 - 1196 Mittelstufe II in German Goethe Institute Pune, India
1992 - 1995 Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in
Mathematics, Economics, English and Panjabi
Government College Ludhiana, India
1989 - 1992 Senior Secondary School in (10 + 2 System)
Mathematics, Plotical Science, English and Panjabi
Khalsa College Ludhiana, India
1979 - 1989 Secondary School Education Satluj Public School Chandigarh, India

Agent Technology Events
Mai 2008 Participation in SOCASE, AMEC, ATOP, AAMAS 2008 Estoril, Portugal
Mai 2007 Participation in DMP, DALT, SOCASE, AAMAS 2007 Hawaii, USA
July 2006 Participation in Eighth European Agent Systems Summer School Annecy, France

Natrual Languages
English, Deutsch, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

ab 2005 Hockey Club Tübingen Tübingen, Deutschland
1992 - 95 National Cadet Corp. (NCC) College, Indien
1989 - 94 Leichtathletik, Hockey, Fussball Schule und College, Indien

Travelling, Hockey, Strategic games, Science-fiction films, Culinary food